Krendl is fast building a strong brand as the next big thing in Illusionists.

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Krendl is a talented magician.

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His last trick is both beautiful and mind boggling.

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Create Transform Connect. 

…This is the foundation in every project Krendl works on.

While Krendl offers the typical type services that most artists in his field offer such as strolling magic, close-up shows, stand-up comedy magic shows, and Illusion production shows. What you are hiring Krendl for is not the show itself but what the event is supposed to represent.

To start the process of brainstorming and providing an opportunity to create something for you and your audience -click here- to schedule a FREE 20 minutes consultation. You will be able to arrange a time to meet Krendl virtually face to face. This will provide an opportunity to understand what you are trying to accomplish while at the same time allowing Krendl to understand your event better so that he will be able to offer suggestions and options for different solutions. From there Krendl will take the time to put a proposal package together. Or -click here- to go straight to a quote form to receive additional insights and offers from Krendl. 

This is at the core of how Krendl works with his clients…Create, Transform, Connect.

A short list of Krendl’s Accomplishments and Accolades:

  • Longest running Headliner in the history of Virginia Beach (over 17 years and 1,700 shows)
  • Won best in Show 5 years in a row
  • Won Attraction of the Year Award
  • Won Top 40 Under 40 Award
  • Signed with The Illusionist Live from Broadway Touring show for over 5 years (Only 30 Illusionists have ever been accepted in the world for this position)
  • Was a consultant and Appeared on Impractical Jokers Tru TV episode
  • Headliner on Norweagin Cruise Lines
  • Headliner for Dreams and Secrets Resorts in Mexico
  • Has Appeared in over 15 countries and 20 states

Currently 1 of only 2 people in the world to perform Houdini’s Water Torture Cell in full view upside down.

Standard Services

Illusion Production Show

Over the course of Krendl’s Career, he has built a magical empire of illusions, props, and rigging making him one of the largest magic production companies in the country. Krendl offers 2 entirely different 90-minute Illusion Production shows. These shows are produced with a minimum of 3 people and expand from there.

Strolling magic

Strolling magic – used for interactive entertainment that can mix and mingle with crowds. Creating bursts of applauding, laughing, and conversation starters among groups of 2-8 people at a time. Krendl roams around from group to group sparking engagement and memorable feats of magic along with great photo opportunities all along the way. Performing card magic effects, mentalism, telekinesis, and other sleight-of-hand effects.

Close-up performance

The magic for this is similar to the style of strolling magc but is designed to take place at a table or similar type environment where guests gather around for a close-up show ranging from 15 minutes in length to 60 minutes based on the needs of the event.

Stand-up Comedy Magic

Let’s face it…sometimes you just want a show for your group that is just plan fun and memorable. Krendl’s Stand-up Comedy magic show does just that. Fast pace, interactive, fun, and magical.

Spook Show

This is a special designed show meant for audiences 16 year and older. Topics of death, spirits, and more will be explored in this physiological thriller. It’s a mix of storytelling, special effects, and magic…the hard part is telling yourself it isn’t real! This show is designed for intimate audience ranging in size from 6-8 people to 50-60 people at a time.

Virtual Show

Magic is without one of the most powerful forms of entertainment and engagement on a virtual platform! Krendl has developed strategies to read people’s minds through the screen, control playing cards in their hands, and even using their fingers on their screen to create magic moments. Krendl offers both pre-recorded and live virtual shows all of which are customizable using the event themes, logos, and more in them.

Master of Ceremonies

Looking for an MC that is able to strengthen themes, energize audiences, and be entertaining all at the same time?! Krendl enjoys these types of requests as it allows him to support an event and make others shine…the best form of magic anyone can provide 🙂 

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